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Why Use a Freelance Translator?

Not all translations are created equal. In general, a translator with more experience will produce a better translation. Translation requires a special writing skill and some translators are better suited for certain projects. We encourage you to ask very specific questions when you ask for a quote from any provider.

Experience has shown that making translation decisions based solely on price alone usually results in a very unsatisfactory end product. There are many ways to lower the price of a translation. Translators who boast very large volumes are probably resorting to questionable practices. 

All translation work is handled in-house. Pricing reflects our commitment to providing our clients with accurate, quality translations at a reasonable price.

Thus, our all quotes include the following services:

  1. Translation of your document from English into Spanish or from Spanish into English.

  2. Review by a professional copy editor.

  3. Final proofreading of the final product by a third person.

Typesetting is available as an add-on service.

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